Leading urban water management to its digital future

What is at stake?

Today, almost three quarters (72.5 %) of EU-28 inhabitants live in urban areas with an increasing trend. Groundwater and surface water bodies are over-exploited and under pressure with less than 40% of Europe’s water bodies in good ecological and chemical status.

Twitter digital water
Twitter digital water

Our solution

To face current and future challenges, digital technologies are acknowledged as key enabler to improve water management.
The main goal of Digital Water City is to boost with these technologies the integrated management of waters systems in five major European urban and peri-urban areas – Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen, Paris and Sofia – representing 30 million inhabitants

More exactly

Digital Water City will develop and demonstrate 18 advanced digital solutions to address current and future water-related challenges.
Areas of application of DWC digital solutions range from groundwater management, sewer maintenance and operation, wastewater treatment and reuse to urban bathing water management.

Twitter digital water
Twitter digital water

Next step

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