What if an app could tell you if a river or a lake is clean enough to jump in? What if wastewater could be safely reused for irrigating crops? What if low-cost sensors could warn water utility managers about an upcoming overflow in the sewers?

Following #UrbanOctober by UN Habitat, will be launching a one-month campaign on 17 October to highlight 5 digital water solutions, developed as part of the project, that will contribute to making urban water management safer and more efficient.

The 5 solutions have been tested in Berlin, Paris, Milan and Sofia and present a high potential for market transferability to other European cities. AI or decision support systems are only a couple of examples of the innovative technologies used to developed these tools.

The campaign will dedicate one week to each solution to give visibility to their specific features and bring to attention how relevant they are for their users, which range from water utility managers to citizens or local governments.

Below you can discover the solutions and the week in which they will be promoted:

From 17 October to 13 November keep an eye on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn and join us in spreading the word about #SafeUrbanWater.

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