The success of a digital solution does not depend only on the product itself. Digital water services are expected to be:

  • safe,
  • trustworthy,
  • cyber secure,
  • and to safeguard data protection and privacy.


Cyber-secure flow of information and interoperability of DWC will ensure the:

  • interoperability,
  • cybersecurity,
  • and resiliency of the developed digital solutions.

Therefore, DWC will map:

  • the flow of information,
  • identify cyber-threats linked with the implementation of DWC solutions in existing systems,
  • and propose solutions to reduce cyber risks at strategic, tactical and operational levels promoting their resiliency against threats. will also define:

  • a reference ontology,
  • a common framework for the explicit contextualisation of the knowledge included in DWC value chains,
  • and develop a semantic interoperability middleware to data exchange, based on the ontology developed.

The link between the cyber-secure flow of information and interoperability component of as well as the development of digital solutions will be established by means of Community of Practices.

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