Challenges and objectives

BIOFOS takes care of wastewater treatment in Copenhagen, whilst HOFOR supplies 1.1 million customers with drinking water, district heating and wastewater management. Current challenges are:
  • real-time control of stormwater being hampered by lack of accuracy of the wastewater treatment plant’s flow forecast 
  • lack of interoperability between the data management systems of BIOFOS and HOFOR
The objectives for Copenhagen are to:
  • reduce environmental impacts and flooding
  • improve the stability and biological capacity of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
Therefore, will reduce environmental impacts and flooding through flow forecasting and real-time control between the sewer network and a wastewater treatment plant.

Activities is developing in Copenhagen the following digital solutions:
  1. an advanced modelling tool for 48-hour sewer and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) flow forecast
  2. its integration into a Decision Support System (DSS)


The activities in Copenhagen are actively supported by the following associated partners:
  • HOFOR (utility operating Copenhagen sewers)


Thornberg Dines – Biofos
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