Our DWC partners are working hard on demonstrating the potential of DWC’s digital solutions in our five demo cities. In Sofia, DWC partners use digital technologies, such as smart sensors and robotics, to increase sewer maintenance efficiency. In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic and some technical problems which challenged their programme, they have achieved significant progress.

As in Berlin, IoTsens and ICRA have recently installed a network of low-cost temperature sensors in the sewer to detect overflow occurrence and duration. This sensor network is connected to a visualisation and data storage platform that allows simultaneous monitoring of many combined sewer overflow (CSO) points.

Although the deployment of the online sensors has been slightly delayed following problems with data transmission and reception,  Sofia already has ten offline sensors in operation. The remaining ones should be ready soon and will put in place for the summer. IoTsens and ICRA have also consulted the city utility partners to see how we could improve the online platform. They are currently integrating their feedback.

Figure: Images of the sensor deployment in Berlin (A) and Sofia (B and C).

The test of the XPECTION tool was also slightly delayed by the COVID19 pandemic and the difficulty to perform training on site. This solution, developed by IPEK, is a smart sewer cleaning and inspection system for pipes with diameters of 200-1000 mm. It combines a nozzle for sewer cleaning with an integrated digital high-definition camera. IPEK was able to organise its first training online last month. An operator team will test the solution in spring 2021.

Curious to know more about what they have done, and what they have learned? Here’s a snapshot of our ongoing activities in BerlinParisMilan and Copenhagen.

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