Our DWC partners are working hard on demonstrating the potential of DWC’s digital solutions in our five demo cities. In Paris, DWC’s team is working hard to improve bathing water quality in the rivers Seine and Marne ahead of  the 2024 Olympic Games. FLUIDION is finalizing the second iteration of its sensor for real-time bacterial measurements. SIAAP, SU and KWB are working hard to assess the accuracy of the models of early warning system for bathing water quality. INRAE, meanwhile, is conducting interviews to assess the perception and needs related to these new digital tools.

FLUIDION is currently testing a new sensor for real-time bacterial measurements (the ALERT System) and its first results are very promising. They installed sensors in the Seine and Marne as well as in Milan and Berlin. Online measurements have a comparable precision as parallel laboratory measurements. The results also highlight good correlations between ALERT data and laboratory analysis observed in the three cities. 

FLUIDION is now finalising the development of the new version (V2) of its system. It will be tested this year. Our partner expects that this new version, based on single-use cartridges, will reduce maintenance needs and improve the accuracy of online measurement.

SIAAP, FLUIDION and SU are currently organizing the 2021 measurements campaign in Paris using the new version (V2) of the ALERT system. The purpose of this campaign is twofold:

Figure: Fluidion disposable ALERT V2 E.Coli measurement vial and Fluidion revised ALERT V2 bioreactor design

SIAAP, SU and KWB are teaming up to develop an early warning system for bathing water quality. The tool relies on hydrodynamic modelling and machine learning to forecast the contamination risk in official bathing places. It is integrated into the FIWARE platform to maximise interoperability and to facilitate the future replication of the tool in other cities. The partners are working hard to assess the accuracy of the models and to identify the relevant variables to include for the development of successful models.

Figure: Screenshot of the current version of the online tool

Finally, SIAAP and INRAE are setting up the next community of practice event that will be held in Paris very soon. It aims to gather all stakeholders in recreational swimming to present solutions and to ensure that their expectations are reflected in our DWC tool. INRAE is also conducting interviews with future users to assess the perception and needs related these new digital tools.

Curious to know more about what they have done, and what they have learned? Here’s a snapshot of our ongoing activities in Berlin, Sofia, Milan and Copenhagen.

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