As the project enters its final months, what have our DWC partners in Paris been up to? 

In the Paris region, our partners have been busy testing the 2 digital solutions developed. The ALERT system tested in Ablon-sur-Seine in the Paris region obtained much better results than the previous version of the system. Notably, the maintenance time went down from 30 minutes to just 5. 

The prediction tool for bathing water quality also took major steps forward. The tool was now fully calibrated with data from SIAAP from 2016 to 2019. Additionally, they created a first set of flowrate and quality data that includes future changes to the sewerage network.   

Our partners in the Paris region also created a Community of Practice (CoP) gathering institutions working to improve the quality of bathing waters and cities looking to open a bathing site. The CoP has validated a first mock-up of 2 applications developed as part of the Early Warning System, one for future bathing site managers and one for the public. 

One of the biggest challenges for the Paris use case, is that the development team for the digital solutions is very international. The early warning system, which includes the prediction tool and two applications, for instance, is being developed by SIAAP, KWB, SINTEF and an app developer. Therefore, efficient communication and collaboration has been and remains key!  

Our French partners are looking forward to attending our upcoming general assembly in Paris, where all the digital solutions will be showcased to present the work achieved throughout the 4 years of the project. We are also counting down the days!   

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