As part of the roadshow events, one of our demonstration cities, Copenhagen, is organising a series of workshops targeted at students and decision-makers to present the different digital solutions created within Digital Water City (DWC).

Three main events will take place:

  • On 10, 11 and 12 October at the BIOFOS ‘Kloaklab’, in which students will:
    • Be introduced to the digital solutions developed in DWC.
    • Have to calculate the concentration of treated wastewater, compare it with untreated water, and judge when to change from dry to wet weather operations.
    • Read graphs and use the inflow forecast to evaluate when the plant should change operations.
    • Discuss the consequences of water pollution and learn about the EU Water Directive.
    • Learn how each household can help reduce rainwater discharge and contamination with the right building materials.
  • On 24 October a meeting with environmental managers to show the results of the solution developed in Copenhagen and how the project helps understand new technologies, evaluate their added value, etc. Additionally, other DWC solutions will be presented such as the sampling and water quality measurements in Paris, and Milan’s water reuse solution.
  • On 26 October in Sweden, a get together of Swedish and Danish utilities at the DHI- FCF 2 days user- day forum. DWC findings will be showcased at this event.

From 10 October 2022 to 26 October 2022


BIOFOS, Copenhagen

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